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Bluetooth Earbuds M9

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ItFeatures: 1. 8D surround sound 5.0 dual-ear chip, large capacity, true wireless headset. 2. Graphene bass diaphragm, HIFI high-frequency technology, 10MM dynamic speaker unit. 3. Two connection method: single / double free to use, single ear listening to enjoy alone, listening to HIFI Stereo in both ears. 4. 5.0 Automatic boot pairing, built-in- active noise reduction IC, HD call. 5. 5.0 game without delay, the electric cabin can be used as a mobile phone bracket mobile phone emergency power supply, Multi -function use. Packages included: Wireless Earbuds*1; Charging Cable*1; Retail Box*1; User Manual*1 : Touch press 1S Refuse to answer a call. : Touch press 3 times next. : Touch press 2 times up. : Power Bank 2000mAh; Ear Bud 63mAh, Warranty 1 Month. : Bluetooth, 120 Hours stand by time. : Charging Time of Power Bank 2 Hours. : Light touch control. : Newly added Battery Display. : 5.0 AUTOMATIC BOOT PARING. : Fast Charging with Four Contacts.

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