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Fast Charging Power Bank

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Fast Charging Power Bank

The micro USB cable comes with a Type-C adapter for a wide range of charging options that support phones,
tablets, notebooks, and more. Simply pair with your own cable to charge iOS devices.

Specification of Fast Charging Power Bank

12.58mm thin
Sleek and slim, it is 42% thinner than the regular
10000mAh Mi Power Bank and only 2.68mm thicker than
the 5000mAh Mi Power Bank despite having

twice the capacity.

18W fast charging both ways
Whether it’s charging others or getting charged,
10000mAh Mi Power Bank Pro moves fast.
With up to 18W fast charging, it intelligently adjusts power

output to safely charge each connected device.

Time to fully charge a 3090mAh Android
device (QC2.0) with 5V/2A power banks
2h 30min
Time to fully charge a 3090mAh Android
device (QC2.0) with 10000mAh Mi Power Bank Pro

1h 50min

Lab Test Results. Actual Usage May Vary.
Time To Fully ChargeA 5V/2A Power Bank6 Hours

 Time to fully charge
10000mAh Mi Power Bank Pro
3.5 hours
Double press for low power charging
Simply double press the power button to enter 2-hour low power charging.
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